1. Where is the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is located at the lowest point on earth, in the Jordan Rift Valley in Jordan in the Mediterranean region. At 430 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is a still lake with no outlet. Due to high levels of evaporation, the sea water and mud sediment that remains is extremely concentrated in salts and minerals. The waters of the Dead Sea are so dense (9 times saltier than regular ocean water) that you actually float on the surface of the sea! To read more, please click on “Power of Dead Sea”.

2. Why are Dead Sea minerals so good for the skin?

Regular ocean water is composed of 85% sodium chloride, whereas the Dead Sea has only 12-18%. What makes up the remaining salty contents of the Dead Sea? Natural, beneficial minerals. Due to its unique geological characteristics, the Dead Sea is rich in a powerful combination of 23 minerals that have been proven over centuries for their healthy, beautifying properties. The highest mineral concentrations in Dead Sea water include chloride, bromide, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium. These minerals, and many others, have powerful repair and nourishing effects. They are known to stimulate blood circulation and boost the skin’s natural moisture balance, contributing to a youthful radiance and smooth sensation. To read more, please click on “Power of Dead Sea”.

3. What are the natural blends used by Seador®?

Seador® products are based on blends of Dead Sea minerals, combined with a variety of natural plant oils and botanical extracts. Every Seador® formula is unique, containing a specially created combination of natural ingredients for the different needs of the skin. Each plant oil or extract contributes its special properties, and all the formula’s ingredients work together to deliver a total nourishing effect.

4. What does the name “Seador” mean?

Seador is generated from the soul of the products we are a presenting where Sea- is related to the Dead Sea and –dor is the gate that offers you all the treasures and miracles of its ingredients from the mud to the minerals in the salt and water.

5. How can I create the perfect skin care routine?

Seador® has developed a special approach to skin care that meets all your skin needs – in your own personal spa at the comfort of your home. Select products from the seador® range to cleanse and clarify your body and face. Then, replenish and moisturize exactly the way your skin needs with your choice of the products. This part of your skin care routine is just as important as the cleansing and hydration stage. After all, skin that is soothed will look more youthful, healthy and glowing! Click here to know more about the routine of Skincare.

6. Are Seador® products tested on animals?

Seador® does not test on animals. We develop and test our products according to the strict rules and regulations as the factory holds the GMP, ISO9001:2015 and ISO 22716:2007 accreditations. The safety, quality and authenticity of our raw ingredients is assured with alternative testing practices permitted by law, including biological and bacteriological tests.

7. After opening, how long will the product stay fresh and usable?

Each Seador® product displays an icon on the packaging. The icon appears as a small drawing of an open jar, with a number on it. The number on the icon shows you how many months the product will stay fresh after it is open. We recommend that you finish using the product within the designated time frame.

8. Are Seador® products safe?

Seador® products are produced according to exceptionally high standards (GMP, ISO9001:2015 and ISO 22716:2007), and our formulas contain no added parabens, and is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)-Free. Our products are put through rigorous testing procedures, to ensure that they are safe for use.

9. Is my information private at Seador®?

Your privacy is very important to us.. Your information is stored only for the purposes of fulfilling your order. To view our privacy policy, click here.


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